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Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH

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Magnets from Bonn – the invisible helpers
Modern life would hardly be possible without magnets. Although usually invisible, they control, regulate and activate important functions in industry, appliances and engines.

Our comprehensive range of services and products forms the crucial basis which enables us to operate successfully in a wide variety of markets. Our focal points:
It is precisely in the automotive industry, a sector where magnets are used for an enormous variety of applications, that the employed components need to demonstrate absolute precision, reliable operation and a long service life. As a specialist in the production of polymer-bonded permanent magnets and with our specialist knowledge of sensor technology, we have become established as one of the leading international suppliers.

Typical applications for the use of sensors in automobile construction are:

Steer-by-wireABS systemsWindow cranksSliding roofs
Brake-by-wireSeat adjustmentEngine speed countersPosition recognition
Shift-by-wireLocking systemsBeam adjustmentRear hatch control
Gas-by-wireThrottle valveSteering wheel lockingAngle sensors
Machine and motor construction
Nowadays, machine and motor construction would not be possible without magnets. Typical uses for our magnets in this sector are position recognition, distance measurement, engine speed detection, angle measurement and drive technology.
Domestic electrical equipment
Household appliances also make use of products from Magnetfabrik Bonn. Magnets perform control and regulation tasks in washing machines, dishwashers, blenders, drills etc.

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