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Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH

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| Strategy |
The path is the purpose
To ensure the long-term survival of the Bonn production site in a competitive international environment, we pursue a clear strategy based on two fundamental principles.
1. Concentration
Our development activities actively target tomorrow's needs. Our focus lies in the production of polymer-bonded permanent magnets and magnet systems. However, we are also able to supply standard magnets at a competitive price.
2. Further development
Magnetfabrik Bonn knows that learning is everything. The aim is always to improve. In our consulting, in the development and production of more competitive products, in the technical support we provide to our customers, in terms of quality and environmental protection.
Magnetfabrik Bonn has therefore developed strategies for all relevant corporate sectors in order to secure this aim and strengthen the company's core skills. This approach is based on reliable, certified technical and organizational processes. Regular customer satisfaction surveys are conducted and confirm the success of this global strategy.