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Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH

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Discover our wide range of magnet materials

You have various ways of getting to know our range of materials.

For example, you can use the pull-down menus. Here you can find a list of our materials using the
DIN IEC 60404-8-1 abbreviations. Alternatively, you can follow the corresponding links:

Magnets subdivided by forming technology
Injection molding
Compression molding

Magnets subdivided by material
Hard ferrite polymer-bonded
Hard ferrite sintered
Rare earth magnets polymer-bonded
Rare earth magnets sintered

Our standard range of magnets

Our range of holding magnets

Other useful information:
Magnetization modes
Dimensioning of permanent magnets
Magnet calculator

Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH has successfully implemented DIN ISO 14001.
Our confirmation letter „Free from hazardous substances“ can be found here.